Faye Tsakalides and her mission to add luxury into our everyday lives to create every moment special

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Welcome to Trayde's Brand Spotlight series. Here we take the time to appreciate the wonderful members on our platform. We have created this section to share inspiring stories about brands, their products and their meaningful purpose.

In honour of The International Women's Day 2021, we have prepared a blog series featuring some of our women-owned brands that have an inspiring story to share with us.

My advice to female entrepreneurs: Follow your passion, develop your own personal style no matter what business you are in. Identify your dream and need and go for it! Face your fears over and over, redefine failure and deliver more than expected!


Faye Tsakalides is a young Greek designer who has travelled the world, where she drew from local cultures to pursue her career as a designer. Although her greek origins are defined by ancient sophistication, during her travels through Nordic countries to the United States, she found her own style in simple yet powerful lines, Japanese architecture and momentary beauty ( i.e.temples ) that define mood and bring out certain feelings and emotions. Her mission is to try help people elevate their way of life by incorporating luxury into their everyday lives to indulge in meaningful activities and rituals - to add a touch of sparkling magic to their everyday otherwise banal small daily acts.

What inspired you to create your business - White Cubes?

White Cubes is a multidisciplinary studio, a creative office around art, architecture, design and furniture accessories.   

White Cubes, created in 2014, challenges the demarcations between Art & Design, creating a new visual language of aesthetic sensitivity, based primarily on clear often cubic forms, linear elements and deconstructive shapes. Focusing primarily on the «White» aspect of life, it plays on notions of purity, functionability and clarity on form, creating sculptural furniture and accessories on limited editions or one piece cut-offs that break the rules of ephemeral. Attempting to redefine or better to define the notions of «Functional Art» and «Sculptural Object Design», it passes through a «Reinvention» of the already existing forms giving new meanings and functions to objects; Creations, characterized by a sense of longevity, contrary to the «a la mode» movement of our era.

NEFELI - Natural Stone White Marble dumbbells

What makes you passionate about the work that you do? 

 What makes me passionate about the work I create is that I try and I want to try help people elevate their way of life and their everyday rituals and special moments. Behind the marbles lies a whole vision of a brand that focuses on the human being, on the wellness, on the every to every day small daily routines and habits that aim to rejuvenate us, refresh us, make us feel special and give special meaning to our everyday otherwise banal routines. The aim is to stay balanced, positive and focused - rebalance, reset and re-boost our inner selves. We craft a collection where with exclusive and unique marble design pieces we can elevate our dining rituals, indulge in hot baths, invite our beloved friends to unique food experiences and meals and create working spaces that boost our creativity and concentration.

Which products are closest to your heart?

I particularly love the Niis zig zag and Faidra Marble Hook. They are very ingenious pieces, minimal, timeless and at the same time they can work as functional objects and as pieces of Art.

NIIS Zig Zag - Natural stone White marble matt finish pencil case/jewellery box

What does your creative process look like? 

The creative process is more for me a close relationship with the artisans and the manufacture industry. Even the most accurate design or 3D visualization loses its power if it is wrong or inaccurately interpreted.Spending many hours in the factories or in the small workshops (all our products are finished by hand and one by one supervised and finalized) guaranties the excellent quality of the products, and the compliance with our ethos, ethics and policies and of course the correct interpretation of our design pure lines & concepts, our aesthetics and our vision for the future.

Tell us more about the inspiration behind your work and the unique names for each design?

I always believed that inspiration is an inner and outer game. Of course, it is the environment, the city, the country we live in or we split our lives between but of course it is also what define us as humans/creators , what seduces us, what are our values or design principles.

Speaking in a more personal level, I would say what excites and inspires me is contrast, freedom, openness to different interpretations, blending myEuropean background with my Greek origin, the simplicity of lines with a more sophisticated and refined use and meaning, and of course my travels to theStates and New York. For me New York is my eternal source of inspiration. It offers an unprecedented openness to ideas, and a fertile ground for experimentation, innovation and expression of personal identity. Inspiration for me derives also from architecture ( my initial vocation ), and ideas and thoughts about weight and lightness, transparency and opaqueness, light and shadow, cubic and round. I am  attracted to simple yet powerful lines, to Japanese architecture and design and to momentary beauty ( i.e. temples ) that define mood and bring out certain feelings and emotions. I look at art rather than design in search for clarification of form, leading to stripping ideas down to an abstract expression then injecting practicality and function to make the designs balanced and coherent with room for personal interpretation, use and meaning. 

Natural stone Black Livadia marble Mirror

What are some of the setbacks or challenges you have faced? 

The challenge is that most of the times it is an one's man (better woman's) show! You don't have to deal only with the creative process and the final result, but pretty often you have a whole bunch of things that come along with it. From the meetings with the clients up to the sales, accountancy and the logistics part. Of course, this develops a great deal of personal traits within yourself and qualities that otherwise, you wouldn't have the chance to work on. Another challenge in this time of the year we are running, is of course the Covid phenomenon where the equilibrium has changed, and we have to come across with new strategies and working concepts and to understand better the era we are entering in and the new priorities that may arise and we have to deal with. Of course, it is a big challenge, but we will get out of it stronger, more powerful, more human, working on our ingenious parts and our inner special gifts that we wouldn't have the chance to face and discover in other historical times.

What are the proudest moments for you as an entrepreneur/creator?

My proudest moments have been the salons, fairs, exhibition weeks and gallery openings. It is where you are fully present with your 5 senses and you truly interact with your audience. It is where true communication takes place!

Another proud moment, is when you see the final result, the prototype of a designed object. You touch it in your hands and all the intellectual process is condensed into a form that follows different functions. It is this magic that no paper and design work is equivalent to that moment! 

As an entrepreneur, my proudest moments are when my pieces are chosen by the customers, you see the pieces in their houses, in their shops, restaurants and hotels and you see that smile … They make them happy, and the objects become part of their everyday life - it is so precious … 

Are there any women that have inspired you? 

Some women that have inspired me either with their style, their personality and character, their courage or their design abilities and approach to beauty and aesthetics are: 

  • Coco Chanel, Vera Wang, Mary Katrantzou (fashion world)
  • Peggy Guggenheim 
  • Charlotte Perriand, Ray Eames, Eileen Gray, Florence Knoll 
  • Egg collective (USA contemporary design), & tradition/studio Vit (contemporary design, Copenhagen/London, Arielle Assouline/ Slash objects (USA ),atelier Areti - sisters Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer, Anna Karlin ( USA), and so many more ..

As a female design entrepreneur, what piece of advice would you give other female entrepreneurs who wish to start a business?

The advice I would give to female entrepreneurs would be: to follow their passion, to develop their own personal style no matter what business they are in. To identify a dream and a need and then go for it. Passion and determination should inspire the entrepreneur to choose their own path and then make it happen. Also to face your fears (over and over), redefine failure, ask''why'' questions a lot, let your mind wander- as your best ideas will come to you when your mind wander. And of course challenge yourself, take risks, find good people and build a great team, know your goals, ask for customer's input and deliver more than expected!

My mission and aim are to add luxury to our everyday routines. I hope people through the use of the vessels and utensils of this exquisite quality to feel special, unique, to indulge in meaningful activities and rituals and to feel like adding a touch of sparkling magic to their everyday otherwise banal small daily acts. These design pieces that include rigorous simplicity of form, materiality and function distinguish for their sensitivity and sculptural quality affirming a sensuous serenity and a quality lifestyle placing us the human beings in the epicentre of everything.

We want customers above all to feel good. We want to transform their mood, to add beauty to their seemingly meaningless moments, to give them the experience of finding happiness in the smallest of things. We care for the well-being and the planet we share. Our products help our customers become more mindful, live a life with inner peace, tranquility, stillness by discovering inner wisdom and calm to things and processes.

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Written by
Ly Mai