From a fair trade coconut wax candle to a zero-waste approach - The French touch by Samo Paris

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Welcome to Trayde's Brand Spotlight series. Here we take the time to appreciate the wonderful members on our platform. We have created this section to share inspiring stories about brands, their products and their meaningful purpose.

Today, we are highlighting one of our members Charlotte, founder of Samo Paris. Coming from a family of makers, Charlotte keeps the family tradition alive and enhances the heritage of French savoir-faire with the creation of unique candles and home fragrances. Being concerned by environmental impacts as well as the well-being of her customers, Charlotte produces her products with a zero-waste approach and guarantees they are made with 100% natural materials.

  1. Please tell us about yourself and your background

After working in the world of photography and web design, I wanted to return to a more hands-on and real "savoir-faire". This is how I started manufacturing homemade candles and created my own brand.

I have a zero-waste goal, and I reduced Samo’s waste by 3 in only 2 years. I have developed a coconut-based wax from fair-trade agriculture. In this dynamic of preserving the environment and also promoting French heritage, I make all the candles in Bordeaux and create my own perfumes.

  1. What inspired you to create your business?

I come from a family of doers, so I have always been independent. I was making candles for my own, and when I started my first business, it was easy for me to include them as products. When I realized the business wasn’t profitable enough to survive, I chose the only products that worked well, the candles.

Photo Courtesy: Samo Paris
  1. What are some of the products you have created/developed that are  closest to your heart? Please share them with us!

All of them, because I drew them years ago, but I was waiting for the perfect moment to launch a business from my creations and my passion. Nevertheless, my favourite one is 933, because it reminds me of my grandfather, a great man who was a doer and still inspires me every day.

  1. Where do you sell your products?

We sell worldwide online and we have shops in Europe, UK and the USA.

  1. How did you adapt to the current situation? What challenges have you faced and how are you tackling them?

Candles are always needed in times of crisis because of the soothing nature. For example, in Denmark, where the sun sets at 3pm, they use a lot of candles, it is one of our better-selling countries. So, business is good.

  1. What have been some of the proudest moments for you as an entrepreneur?

I’m super proud when a company calls me to create a candle for them even if I don’t close the deal, or when our candles get offered as Christmas presents. It means our brand was found and appreciated. Also, when people send me messages after receiving their candles telling me they never smelt such amazing perfumes. Those moments bring me a great deal of achievement and satisfaction.

  1. How would you say the near future looks like for independent brands like yours?

For my brand, it will look good and I don’t want to think otherwise. As soon as the Covid-19 pandemic ends, I’ll start our workshop classes again in a real shop, and continue growing as we did for the past 2 years.

  1. What are some encouraging words of advice you would give to current emerging businesses?

Don’t give up if you believe in your project.

I thought about quitting the candles business (too many brands) many times, but never did. Every 6 months, I set myself and the company a new goal. If I can’t make it work, I will stop, but I have managed it so far because I put all my energy into making sure I don’t fail.

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Written by
Julie Ribert
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