'Becoming a mother ignited my passion for Art.' - a journey through the whirlwind of motherhood by Jessica from Jessica Purchall Designs

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Welcome to Trayde's Brand Spotlight series. Here we take the time to appreciate the wonderful members on our platform.

In honour of The International Women's Day and Mother's Day 2021, we have prepared a blog series featuring some of our women-owned brands that have an inspiring story to share with us.

Becoming a mother ignited my passion for art. Being thanked by someone for representing them in my products is just amazing and is exactly what I set out to do. My advice to all women who wish to start a business is: Just go for it!!!

Please tell us a little about yourself and your background.

My name is Jessica, I'm 25 years old and I live in Devon. I live with my husband, our daughter and our dog! I have always had a passion for art from a very young age, but academically I studied biology at University. When I became a mother in 2018 it ignited my passion for art, and became escapism from the whirlwind of motherhood.

Body Art print

What inspired you to create your business?

Becoming a mother really inspired me to start my business. It's cliche, but it made me realise that life is too short and I want to do something I am passionate about. I also wanted to work in a way which puts my daughter first, and works around spending precious time with her.

Eco Warrior - Eco Friendly wall art

What are some of the products you have created/developed that are closest to your heart? Please share them with us!

The enamel pins I developed are very close to my heart. Although they are small, they signify a lot to me. My "You got this mama!" pin particularly, as it is just a small way to show a mother that they are doing so well, and that you believe in them. It's something I would've really treasured if I received it as a new mum.

Were there any challenges you faced and how did you tackle them?

The biggest challenge I've faced running the business really is time. When you work around a child, it's so easy to run out of time to do all the big ideas you've got in your head! Particularly when you're tired and very sleep deprived! 

I've tackled it so far with a lot of planning and list making. Making sure everything I needed to do was clearly written down for me. I've also learnt along the way what is realistically achievable, and making peace with that. I've pushed back a lot of time allocated for designing new products, as I need to prioritise orders. 

What have been some of the proudest moments for you as an entrepreneur?

Feedback from customers on my boob and body items are such proud moments. Being thanked by someone for representing them in my products is just amazing and is exactly what I set out to do.

Reaching sales milestones have been proud moments for me too. Reaching my first 100 sales was monumental for me, asI never thought I would reach that. When I reached 1,000 sales it really felt like I had a fully fledged little business!

Boobs card - body positive

Are there any women that have inspired you, and if so, who?

There are so so many women that inspire me daily! Jameela Jamil, Michelle Obama, Megan Jayne Crabbe, MunroeBergdorf, Kris Hallenga, Stacey Solomon to name a few. These women bring so much light into the world.

What are some encouraging words of advice you would give to women who wish to start a business?

Just go for it!! :)

"You got this mama" card

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Ly Mai