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Welcome to Trayde's Brand Spotlight series, here we take the time to appreciate the wonderful members of our platform. We have created this section to share inspiring stories on brands, their products and the meaningful purpose behind them.

Photo Courtesy: Petit Jovial

Today, we are highlighting one of our members, Tania - founder of Petit Jovial, an independent brand providing multi-purpose products primarily focused at babies and parents with an environmental conscious action.

Tania started her business as a means of a lookout for an all-natural baby product when her son, Luca was born. She was completely appalled when she was unable to find a 100% natural yet impactful skincare product in Paris. Hence, with the idea, she started Petit Jovial - your destination for gentle and natural products, minimising the impact on the environment through the production of small batch products, free of palm oil, and vegan.

With her love for orangutans and childhood influence, Tania also donates to charities that help preserve the Orangutans who have been affected due to deforestation, leading them to be listed as 'Critically Endangered' species.

How would you describe yourself and what's the background you come from?

I would describe myself as a citizen of the world, I have several multicultural roots, born in London with a background of Thai and Indonesian roots and married to a French who is half Italian, talk about being multicultural! I have had the opportunity of living in five countries but currently call France my home. I am also a mum to a young son and a recently adopted dog, specifically a German Shepherd Pointer. I would describe myself as a diversity champion, a vegan, and an orangutan lover!

What inspired you to create your business?

When my son was born, I found it challenging to find skincare products that were natural yet effective for my son's sensitive skin. So instead, I went to learn how to make them myself, having a degree in Chemistry and a certification in natural skincare formulation came to my use. All of our products are natural and vegan friendly! I was also driven to create a brand that provided effective and multi-tasking products where both, babies and parents could benefit and enjoy from it.

What are some of the products you have developed that are closest to your heart? Please share them with us!

One of the products that I currently swear by is the Nourishing Balm, I have it everywhere with me – in different parts of the house, in my office and in my handbag. It is curated with love and made from 100% natural butters and oils. I's such a versatile product as it targets various issues such as, dry cuticles, skin or lips, it's extremely effective as a diaper or nipple balm for breastfeeding mothers too. This nourishing balm really does work wonders as it's developed by a skincare formulator with some of the ingredients being Shea Butter which helps to keep the skin's elasticity, keep it clear, healthy and moisturised.                                                

Photo Courtesy: Petit Jovial

Where do you sell your products?

At the moment we are solely based online through our personal platform, Seekology, and at Darling Lane Baby Gifts. However, we also do look to expand by connecting with different retailers through online wholesale platforms, such as Trayde, we are always open for collaborations!

How did you adapt to the current situation? What are the challenges you faced and how do you tackle them?

Currently, it’s a tough time for many businesses like Petit Jovial. During this pandemic, I think it’s a struggle to effectively create awareness on a new skincare brand. I am currently working on building more content by increasing our social media presence and creating engagement on our platforms to drive potential customers to the website which is very important.

What have been some of the proudest moments for you as an entrepreneur?

I think some of the proudest moments for me is knowing that the brand is being recognised and appreciated. Petit Jovial has been shortlisted as ‘Best Baby & Parent award’ by the Natural Health Beauty Awards for which the winners will be announced in January 2021. Similarly, having our products, Nourishing Balm and Body & Scalp Massage Oil win the Best Multipurpose Balm and Best Baby Massage Oil, respectively for ‘Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby awards’ was extremely honouring!

Photo Courtesy: Petit Jovial

How would you say the near future looks like for independent brands like yours?

I think given the fact that many customers are experiencing a ‘new normal’ in the way they lead their lives today, we can't be oblivious at the fact that independent brands will need to adapt to this change in lifestyle. If our online presence was not strong enough, then I would take this time to build it and create an engagement with people and clients to create a strong community. Customers make willing purchases from brands they trust. Hence, with a cancellation in many trade shows, independent brands now need to take this chance to increase their online presence and make themselves heard on digital platforms. They key is to be adaptable and flexible. I believe that there is a greater demand in natural and sustainable products which independent brands can work towards effectively. Especially with the turn around in recent events, people have been able to see the impact of their movements on the environment which drives the need of such products.

What are some encouraging words of advice you would give to emerging businesses currently?

There are days when things won’t go according to plan or when orders are not performing well and there could be doubtful thoughts in your head. However, I suggest that when this happens, one just needs to try and guide themselves back to the time when they felt the spark to start this business idea and try to feel the same joy that was experienced during that time, you will hopefully find the strength to preserve through the challenges and come out smiling.

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