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Welcome to Trayde's Brand Spotlight series, here we take the time to appreciate the wonderful members of our platform. We have created this section to share inspiring stories on brands, their products and the meaningful purpose behind them.

Photo Courtesy: AV Typography

Today, we are highlighting one of our members, Amy - founder of AV Typography, an independent brand providing sustainable stationery such as greeting cards, prints and goodies for the everyday stationary lover. Amy is an illustrator and graphic designer for her brand and has a strong sustainability ethos with a strict use of 100% sustainable packaging that is home compostable. AV Typography also uses ecological envelopes and paper such as, seaweed paper and cotton paper from waste of the fashion and retail industry. With a determined personality towards the manufacturing process of her products, Amy chooses her partners based on the sustainably practices they follow.

Photo Courtesy: AV Typography

What inspired you to create your business?

I’ve always known that my route to ‘work’ would be within the creative field but the path only became much clearer when I discovered a love for hand-lettering which stemmed from my interest to create in general. It truly started as something that I just loved to do which came in line with my passion for great design. Shortly after, I realized that this could become a path for me to follow as I wouldn't be just 'working', I would be doing something that I truly adore. So, I created a business and thought, Isn't this a great way to start? I am happiest when I’m creating and have found great adoration in the work I’m doing with lettering and illustration.

What are some of the products you have created that are closest to your heart? Please share them with us!

My favourite products at the moment are my lettered prints because of the extensive research I have done behind them. I am now able to offer a range of ecologically sound paper including a rather special option too in ‘Algal Bloom’ paper. Algal blooms are the result of a nutrient from fertilizer runoff which enters the aquatic system and cause excessive growth of algae, thus effecting marine life. The algae must be harvested to maintain the ocean's Eco-balance and can then be used as pulp replacement in paper production. As a result, this process is not only ethical but the outcome is paper made from a single raw material, seaweed. Sourcing this paper to a specification that is perfect for my prints has been a passionate quest for the last six months!

Photo Courtesy: AV Typography

Where do you sell your products?

My plastic-free hand-lettered cards, prints and stationery are currently available through my Etsy shop and in several small independent shops around the country, including Holly & Co and Maker Mart. I have also recently joined Trayde, which connects independent brands to retailers.

How did you adapt to the current situation? What are the challenges you faced and how do you tackle them?The current circumstances haven’t had a huge impact on my work operations as I work from my home studio, luckily. During this time, I have tried to carry out things as normal as possible for my customers and me. However, a lot of my stockists have had to close and this has had an effect on my monthly sales. As a small business, my focus has now shifted more towards my Etsy shop, alongside this, I am trying to create more awareness and engagement on my social media platforms. Joining Trayde has been helpful to help

What have been some of the proudest moments for you as an entrepreneur?

There are so many things I am proud of as an entrepreneur but some of them are building and sustaining two businesses during my teenage years whilst tackling education has had a great and successful outcome for AV Typography.

Photo Courtesy: AV Typography

How would you say the near future looks like for independent brands like yours?

I am unsure at this moment but I am seeing smaller brands and businesses thrive because a lot of us tend to work from home or have the capacity to do so. One of the perks of being an independent brand is having several skills and resources in one own's workplace and having a community of creatives that can help support one another.

What are some encouraging words of advice you would give to emerging businesses currently?

Keep going and don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goals. I’ve spoken to a lot of my fellow creative friends and a few haven’t been able to get products manufactured during this time. One thing I want to point out is that there is always a way to do what you want; you just have to find an alternative – it can always be accomplished.

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